Pictures from The Bash


Jim Finnegan, Marjorie Perloff and John Serio

Marjorie Perloff delivered the 2009 Wallace Stevens Birthday Bash lecture at Hartford Public Library. The title of her talk was “Beyond Adagia: Eccentric Design in Wallace Stevens’ Poetry .” John Serio was last year’s speaker and he recently edited a new Selected Poems of Wallace Stevens.


Dan Schnaidt, Karim Ahmed and David Epstein

Dan, Karim and David are board members of the Friends & Enemies.


Marjorie Perloff, Lonnie Black and John Crockett

Marjorie Perloff with Lonnie Black, also a board member, and John Crockett, a longtime member of The Friends & Enemies and someone who can actually tell stories of meeting Wallace Stevens on a number of occasions.


Jim Finnegan & Kat Lyons toast a sucessful event.

Kat Lyons runs Connecticut Center for the Book, the organization that sponsored the Wallace Stevens Birthday Bash.

Bust by Federic Blatt

Wallace Stevens bust by Frederic Blatt, c. 2002

In memory of her husband William T. Ford, Dee Ford of Anchorage Alaska donated this lovely bronze bust to the Wallace Stevens Room at Hartford Public Library.

Bash photos courtesy of Mary Crean

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